XHH125 6"x4" 1,600 GPM 950 Feet Extra High Head Pump - Rain for Rent XHH125 6"x4" 1,600 GPM 950 Feet Extra High Head Pump - Rain For Rent

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  • XHH125 6"x5" Extra High Head Pump

XHH125 6"x5" Extra High Head Pump

The 6” suction x 5” discharge multi-stage split-case centrifugal XHH125 extreme high head pump provides up to a maximum of 1600 gallons per minute pumping and up to 950 feet of head.

Max Flow 1600  GPM
Max Head 950  ft.
Pump Size 6" x 5"
Max Solids 0.625  in.

The 6 inch x 5" XHH125 is an extremely robust multi-stage split-case extreme high head pump, capable of flow rates to 1600 GPM, total dynamic heads to 950 feet (289.6M), and solids handling capabilities up to 0.625 inches in diameter. The XHH125 also features the PowerPrime™ Pumps high pressure Tungsten vs. Silicon Carbide mechanical seal. All of these features come standard on a compact skid for convenient use. 

Features of the XHH125

  • 3 stage
  • Horizontally split case pump
  • Equipped with 6” globe valve for throttling
  • Stainless steel pump volute options

  • Maximum Flow: 1,600 GPM (101 liters/sec)
  • Maximum Head: 950 feet (290 meters head)
  • Pump Size: 6” x 5”
  • Maximum Solids Handling: 0.625 inches (16mm)
  • Dry weight: 13,040 lbs.
  • Footprint: 186” x 92”
  • Fuel Tank 370 Gallon
  • Fuel Consumption 13.9 gph @1,800rpm

Download a spec/cut sheet for the XHH125 Extra High Head Pump.