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  • Aluminum No-Latch Lateral Pipe

Aluminum No-Latch Lateral Pipe

No-Latch style aluminum lateral irrigation pipe is light weight and easy to move.

No-Latch Style aluminum irrigation pipe is a light weight, easy to move solidset pipeline for handmove applications. It is most comonly used across a variety of agricultural irrigation, construction prewet, effluent spray fields, revegetation projects and temporary fire protection systems.

Features of No-Latch pipe include:

  • Welded half-band with positive alignment
  • No-latch style connection
  • Heavy ended pipe for extra durability
  • Custom embossing for your pipe naming needs

Download a spec/cut sheet for Aluminum No-Latch Style Lateral Pipe.

  • Available in 2", 3" and 4" O.D.
  • Standard pipe length are 30 and 40 feet; with custom lengths available
  • Couplers rated at 80 psi working pressure
  • Pipe aluminum alloy: 3004-H26
  • Fitting aluminum alloy: A356
  • Pipe ends are bullnosed and reinforced with a 6" press-fit sleeve
  • No-Latch alunimum fittings are welded to the pipe