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Creek Diversion Keeps Pipeline Construction on Time

High flow creek bypass aids pipeline construction


Installation of a 20-inch natural gas gathering line in Pennsylvania required a high flow creek diversion to keep construction on track. The 40,000 GPM bypass required special attention to environmental precautions and required mitigation of erosion on the discharge side.


Utilizing past bypass experience, Rain for Rent provided a complete bypass and mitigation system which kept pipeline construction on time and allowed the pipeline company to focus on the construction of the pipeline, not the creek bypass.

Creek diversion aids natural gas pipeline construction



  • Rain for Rent partnered with Portadam to provide temporary cofferdams to stop the flow of the creek during the bypass, allowing pipeline construction to continue in dry conditions.
  • To mitigate erosion, an 18,000 pound diffuser box was built and used as a discharge pit.
  • Technicians were onsite throughout the bypass to maintain pumping system during construction.
  • A certified and trained cofferdam diver remained on call and onsite to ensure zero interruptions of the bypass.



The pipeline construction company was impressed when Rain for Rent delivered on its promise to delivery a turnkey system for the creek diversion and allow the contractor to focus on their pipeline work. They have since scheduled additional bypass projects utilizing Rain for Rent.

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