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Nuclear Plant Protected with Pumps

11 custom pumps provide extra protection required by Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Japan's Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear plant suffered multiple reactor meltdowns in March 2011, following a massive earthquake and tsunami. Power failures prevented the spent fuel ponds and reactors from receiving the cooling needed.

To ensure the continued safety at nuclear power plants in the United States, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission implemented additional safety mandates to protect against a repeat of the Fukushima disaster.

PowerPrime Pumps and Rain for Rent bid on an Eastern U.S. nuclear plant operator's request for a portable pumping system. The plant needed a pump system that would provide additional cooling in the event of a power loss and provide redundant fire protection systems.

After winning the bid due to demonstrated experience and knowledge, PowerPrime built 11 custom pumps, to provide at least 450 GPM while overcoming the 750-feet of total dynamic head and small footprint needed at the plant.

At the same time, a Western U.S. nuclear plant operator purchased four pumps following Rain for Rent's bid to provide PowerPrime pumps that would draw water from a nearby source in the event of a natural disaster.

Rain for Rent and PowerPrime™ are dedicated to a culture of safety. Together they have a history of consistently implementing innovative pumping solutions and proven centrifugal pump engineering that safeguards the U.S. nuclear industry against natural disasters.

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