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Center Pivot Irrigation

Get the most out of your land with a Reinke center pivot system from Rain for Rent. 

Reinke LogoRain for Rent provides Reinke Pivots, with a five year warranty — the best in the industry. We work with growers to help them get the grants available for switching to the water-efficient, energy-efficient and cost saving method of center pivot irrigation.

For more information about Reinke products, visit Reinke.

As water become more expensive, we have adapted into a more modern and efficient method of center pivot irrigation. With industry leader Reinke, Rain for rent offers:

  • Control panels
  • Remote management
  • Pipe options: galvanized, stainless steel, aluminum, chromium nickel, poly-lined
  • Navigator GPSTM
  • Drivetrain options: 29-70 RPM, 60:1-25:1
  • Single leg tower design
  • Swing Arm Corners
  • V-Ring seal
  • Internal flex joint

  • Irrigation system design and engineering
  • Repair and replacement parts
  • Sprinkler packages