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  • Conline 800C

Conline 800C

The Conline 800C is an in-ground temporary wheel wash system that washes up to 300 light-soiled trucks in a ten-hour work day. This wheel wash system model is great for construction site work where track-out is unacceptable. Protect yourself from environment-related fines and keep your neighbors happy.

Max Trucks/Day 300  trucks per day

Solve your track-out problems with the modular Wheel Wash system. MobyDick, the worldwide leader in wheel wash technology has joined forces with Rain for Rent for temporary use Wheel Wash systems on remediation, construction and any jobsite that needs the benefit of an efficient and cost effective wheel wash system.

Features and benefits of the Conline 800C

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  • Automatic on-off operation via optical sensor, Easy-to-clean, spray nozzles.
  • Water recycling with flocculent dosing and automatic solids removal via scraper conveyor.
  • Two pump redundant design ensures water supply to wash platform.
  • Hot dipped galvanized heavy-gauge wash platform handles 33,069 lbs per axle.
  • Reduce Costs by eliminating pressure washers and labor.
  • Decrease truck throughput time from 6-9 minutes to 45 seconds.
  • Reduce or eliminate street sweeper hours.
  • Ensure compliance with regulators and eliminate risk of shutdown.
  • Small footprints and multiple layout configurations available to fit any jobsite space constraints.
  • High flow, low pressure for superior cleaning without impact to truck seals and brakes.
  • Advanced spray pattern technology cleans tires thoroughly without distorting driver visibility.

How to plan for your Conline Wheel Wash system needs:

  • Determine the stickiness of your jobsite’s sediment.  Our 1-10 soiling scale considers a 1 as beach sand and 10 as clay that sticks between the rear dual tires.  See the soiling chart below for Conline capabilities.
  • A system may be able to wash off sand and granular soils in just one tire revolution. Sticky clays may require a platform long enough for the tires to make three or more tire revolutions.
  • If your jobsite sediment requires custom features, Moby Dick and Rain for Rent will work together to provide you a Tailor Made Wheel Wash system.
  • Remember to plan and size the recycled water and solid separation systems proportionally to the traffic volume and soiling amounts on your jobsite.
  • Let Rain for Rent  help you design a system to incorporate space constraints of wheel wash and recycling/sludge settlement needs.
  • Plan your haul roads and other traffic areas to minimize travel distances. Avoid dirt and mud before vehicles enter the wheel wash when possible.
  • Use a flocculent to help increase the amount of sediment that drops out of suspension and water clarity. Clear water maximizes the wheel wash’s cleaning ability.
  • Consider using passive rumble strips or mud pads in addition to the active spray wheel wash Conline system. 

  • Splash Wall Height: 4.5 Feet
  • Max trucks per 10 hour day: 300, light soiling
  • Footprint: 26’ x 27’
  • Dry weight: 29,000 lbs.
  • Power Requirement: 30.8 HP
  • Connected Load: 42A, 480 Volts

TM = If your jobsite sediment requires custom features, Moby Dick and Rain for Rent will work together to provide you a Tailor Made Wheel Wash system.

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