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  • B-16 LakeTank®

B-16 LakeTank®

The B-16 LakeTank is a 16,000 BBL temporary above ground storage tank. 

Capacity 504000  gal.

Contain more than 682,000 gallons of water with just one tank. The LakeTank® B-16 is a temporary above ground storage tank (AST) which reduces traffic and carbon footprint on your jobsite by replacing 32 traditional 500 BBL frac tanks and minimizes manifolding time.

Features of the B-16 LakeTank mobile frac pond include: 

  • Specially designed panel handling system for safe, rapid deployment
  • Two OSHA compliant access/egress ladders
  • One stairway observation platform
  • Four 4” fill lines, Three 4” circulation lines
  • One 12” low suction line for high volume pumping applications
  • Heavy duty connecting plates and pins for safe reliable containment
  • Six temporary panel supports to ensure safety during installation 
  • No easy access to the liner from outside the tank
  • Standard liner is 40mil LLDPE 
  • Standard underlayment is 100Z Geotextile Ground Pad 
  • Reduced transportation costs: Complete tank structure is delivered on three trucks (6 truck trips vs. 64 for conventional 500bbl frac tanks)
  • Reduced labor costs during manifolding and operation 
  • Reduced heating costs 
  • Reduced site preparation costs (smaller footprint compared to 500bbl frac tanks)

  • FreezeSentry™ Heating equipment
  • Tank Sidewall Insulation
  • Floating Insulated Covers
  • Bird Netting
  • Filtration Equipment
  • Temperature and Level Indicators/Alarms/Telemetry
  • Various Liner Materials & Thicknesses
  • Additional Suction or Fill Lines

  • Structure Diameter: 100 ft.
  • Working Clearance: 160 ft.
  • Capacity with 8” free board: 16,000 BBL
  • Number of Panels: 12
  • Number of Trucks to transport: 3
  • Size of each Panel: 12'x26'
  • Panel Weight (w/o insulation) 6,100 lbs.
  • Liner Dimensions: 100' x 100'
  • Liner Weight = 0.19 lb./sq. ft.: 3,353 lbs.

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