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  1. Where can I find HDPE for my dredging project? Details

    HDPE pipeline can help ensure your dredging project moves forward without delay. You will probably need more than just the pipe. You will also need fusion to customize the length of your HDPE pipeline. We suggest that you use Rain for Rent to supply you with your temporary HDPE pipeline and HDPE pipeline filtration needs. With the largest supply of rental HDPE pipeline of various sizes and ratings, including the popular 12" sdr17 HDPE pipeline, Rain for Rent has the right sized HDPE for your dredging project needs or any project.

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  2. How can I protect spillguards when installing over gravel or rocks? Details

    Rain for Rent's SolidGround™ Traction Mats provide a more affordable alternative to plywood and rubber mats when installing spillguards under heavy equipment over rocks, gravel and slightly uneven surfaces. SolidGround™ Traction mats, unlinke plywood, will not retain moisture, will not de-laminate and will last the entire duration of your project without need for replacement. So if you are looking for the best way to protect your jobsite and your spillguards, look to renting SolidGround™ Traction Mats.

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  3. How can Rain for Rent help me with dewatering for bridge construction? Details

    When planning construction or maintenance on bridge pilings, Rain for Rent and Portadam ™ have partnered to provide a one-stop solution. With the portable cofferdams in place, a dewatering pumping system will be installed to keep your jobsite dry and safe from the surrounding water.

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  4. How can a temporary forcemain help during infrastructure upgrades? Details

    During ongoing infrastructure upgrades to a public sewage treatment plant, Rain for Rent provided 2,300-feet of HDPE pipe and pumping equipment to bypass the existing lines. Both aluminum and HDPE pipe were considered, but the project duration made HDPE the clear choice during infrastructure upgrades.

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