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Rain for Rent Unveils New Products at CONEXPO

Save Time by Partnering with a Turnkey Provider of Liquid Handling Systems

Rain for Rent, a leader in liquid handling solutions will be exhibiting at ConExpo in Las Vegas, NV March 4-8, booth number 4690, promoting a variety of products ideal for the construction industry. Rain for Rent continues to add products to their rental fleet, providing turnkey liquid handling systems for customers including PipeStax™ modular pipe support blocks, DV175c trash pump, Conline Wheel Wash system and SolidGround™ Traction mats.  

PipeStax snap together in two configurations, laterally or in a square pattern, to support pipe and hose at various elevations, preventing sagging or corrosion from soil. PipeStax can also be used to stabilize pipe during fabrication or welding due to its unique cradle design which prevents pipe from rolling or shifting. Constructed from durable HDPE, PipeStax will not splinter or absorb liquid like typical wood cribbing and are easier to transport due to its lightweight construction. With a bright, safety yellow color, PipeStax are more visible on the jobsite, preventing tripping hazards that wooden dunnage and cribbing can create.

The 8x6-inch DV175c pump, built by PowerPrime™ Pumps, reduces operating and maintenance costs during bypass pumping and dewatering jobs because of its excellent fuel and hydraulic efficiencies.  With flows up to 2,900 GPM and heads up to 295-feet, the DV175c is ideal for the construction industry. Solids handling up to 3-inches and superior suction lift performance make the DV175c an excellent choice for tough pumping projects. The galvanized trailer resists corrosion and eliminates expensive repainting costs.

Rain for Rent’s Conline Wheel Wash systems from Moby Dick provide an efficient and cost-effective solution to dirt and mud tracked out from jobsites onto roadways, preventing public safety issues and costly clean up expenses. Advanced spray pattern technology cleans truck tires quickly and thoroughly without distorting driver visibility, ensuring compliance with regulators and eliminating the risk of a jobsite shutdown.

Prevent slips, trips and falls and protect landscaping on jobsites with Rain for Rent’s SolidGround Traction Mats. These mats are constructed of half-inch thick HDPE, which will not soak up water or delaminate like plywood. These mats provide a stable surface for increased traction on muddy or sandy soil. Easy to install, SolidGround Traction Mats create temporary walkways, roadways and platforms, while protecting sensitive jobsite environments.

About Rain for Rent

Rain for Rent is the leading provider of temporary liquid handling solutions including pumps, tanks, filtration and spill containment. Projects range from flood relief to construction site dewatering, sewer bypasses and industrial plant turnarounds.

The company is known for its systems engineering expertise and its ability to tackle complex jobs cost effectively, providing an exceptionally high value.

Family owned and operated since 1934, it serves all 50 states and Canada from over 60 locations.

To learn more about Rain for Rent’s liquid handling solutions and Liquid Ingenuity®, visit rainforrent.com.



PipeStax™, PowerPrime™ and SolidGround™ are registered Trademarks of Western Oilfields Supply Company.

For more information on PipeStax™, visit http://www.rainforrent.com/pipestax-modular-pipe-support-blocks.aspx

For more information on the DV175c, visit http://www.rainforrent.com/TrashAndSewagePumps-DV175c.aspx

For more information about Conline Wheel Wash Systems, visit http://www.rainforrent.com/Products/Jobsite-Safety-and-Protection/Conline-WheelWash-/  

For more information on SolidGround™ Traction Mats, visit http://www.rainforrent.com/SolidGroundTM-Traction-Mats.aspx