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Sound Attenuated DV325c

Rain for Rent’s newest addition to our line of liquid-handling equipment is the SA-DV325c 12-inch pump.

While performing at the level of excellence demonstrated by all PowerPrime™ Pumps, the SA-DV325c also features sound attenuation, that reduces noise to 71-dBa at 1600-rpm. This feature allows for pumping while working in a sound-sensitive residential or populated area- a feature that is indispensable for completing the project efficiently and unobtrusively.

This 12-inch pump can be used for a variety of applications ranging from dewatering mines and quarries to sewer bypass. The SA-DV325c features solids-handling capabilities of up to 4-3/4-inch diameter, flows up to 8500 GPM, and 220-foot discharge head. Continuous self-priming and optional auto-start capabilities save you time and money by reducing maintenance and labor attending to the pump.

Combine this pump with other Rain for Rent products for a complete system to solve your unique liquid handling problems.