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Wheel Wash Systems Make Jobsites Into Good Neighbors

Rain for Rent’s portable, high performance and cost effective wheel wash systems from MobyDick eliminate jobsite track out and protect public roadways

[Bakersfield, CA – May 1, 2013] – Rain for Rent, a leading provider of temporary liquid handling solutions, has entered into an exclusive partnership with MobyDick, the world’s top provider of wheel wash and truck cleaning systems, to address jobsite challenges that can impact neighboring environments and potentially breach EPA regulations.

Dirt and mud tracked out from jobsites onto roadways, particularly in wet conditions, is a threat to public safety and can incur costly cleanup. Rain for Rent’s MobyDick Conline Wheel Wash offers a cost-effective and highly portable solution. The Conline drive-through series can efficiently remove dirt, mud and debris from up to 300 trucks daily in numerous settings – from construction projects, quarries and mines to landfills, power plants and environmental remediation sites.

“The Conline Wheel Wash system is easy to install, fully automated and highly adaptable to varying terrain”, said Bob Lodi, North American Sales Director, MobyDick. “With its advanced spray technology, optimized truck throughput, and water recycling module, it’s a cost-effective alternative to labor-intensive street sweepers and pressure washers.”

When jobsite track out involves hazardous materials, it can pose a critical threat to public safety and the environment. A contractor in the eastern U.S. preparing to excavate a site with hazardous material installed a Conline Wheel Wash system to prevent the tracking of any material off the jobsite. With up to 150 daily truck washes for medium soiling in all weather conditions, the tire wash system fully removed any jobsite pollutants and enabled a fast, portable transition to the next jobsite.

“In some cases regulators require a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) to minimize erosion and run-off of pollutants on a jobsite”, said John Paul Lake, Director of Marketing, Rain for Rent. “The Conline Wheel Wash system can be an important component of this plan, and you can also rely on us to solve any other liquid handling problem that arises on your jobsite”.

For more information on Conline Wheel Wash systems, visit rainforrent.com or mobydick.com.

About Rain for Rent

Since 1934, Rain for Rent has been setting the standard with industry-leading liquid handling solutions that address the needs of a broad range of industries and applications. With over 60 locations in the U.S. and Canada to provide local support, Rain for Rent delivers proven results through Liquid IngenuityTM, an approach that puts expertise and innovative thinking to work with technology, products and integrated services.

About MobyDick / Frutiger

Founded in 1985, the MobyDick brand has engineered and manufactured durable, reliable, high performance wheel-wash and truck cleaning systems for more than 2 decades. MobyDick systems are easy to install, use and maintain. Our manufacturing assembly distribution centers in Europe, China and the USA are proud of our worldwide leadership position. Our wheel and tire wash experts are ready to work with you to develop a cost effective wheel-wash installation to solve your track out problems.