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Open up Your Jobsite’s Pedestrian and Vehicle Traffic with New RampLox®

Get a Quote or Learn More RampLox is a modular pipe and hose system that works in every industry where pipe, hose, or conduit obstructs truck or pedestrian traffic. Contact Rain for Rent now to see how you can put RampLox to work for you.

Jobsites with pipe, hoses and cables often present access issues for pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Allowing safe jobsite access while protecting equipment is a priority for industries across the nation. Organizations are looking for innovative products that improve jobsite safety while allowing work to be done cost effectively.

Designed for today's jobsite

Rain for Rent’s newest U.S. Patent # D725,748 product, RampLox®, is designed with the customer and jobsite safety in mind. This modular pipe and hose ramp system contains and protects your hose, pipe and conduit while allowing vehicular and pedestrian traffic to continue unimpeded. The low profile makes them easy to drive or walk over with a minimum vehicle clearance.  The interlocking, modular design allows them to be connected in configurations creating wide or narrow ramps depending on traffic and can tolerate minor to moderate ground surface variations.  The lightweight design and hand cutouts make RampLox easy for one person to install and disassemble, eliminating the need for heavy machinery.


RampLox Keeps Jobsites On Track

During a water transfer project with an oil and gas customer, small diameter hose was running to equipment onsite. To protect the hose as it crossed a busy pedestrian and truck traffic area, the customer placed 2x4s on either side of the hose. However, when a larger piece of equipment had to drive over the hose multiple times a day, labor was required to disconnect and reconnect the hose, causing unnecessary wear and tear, potential for injury, and up to an hour of lost time lost for the project. When Rain for Rent introduced the RampLox product to the customer, they immediately started using the product on their jobsite. The customer stated that the product performed very well, was easy to install and reduced downtime, making it easy to adjust on the fly. 


RampLox Saves Trenching Time

A customer was using liquid natural gas to heat water on a jobsite.  Traditionally the ground is trenched and lines are buried underground for this type of application. Rain for Rent recommended RampLox to the customer to save time and money, eliminating the need to trench lines. Flags were placed in the corners of RampLox so truck drivers could easily travel over the ramps in the snowy and muddy conditions.


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RampLox Stands Up to Heavy Truck Traffic

Burying HDPE pipe was standard operating procedure at a coal power plant to move water during fly ash basin cleaning. Rain for Rent introduced the RampLox product to the Plant Manager as a cost and time saving product, eliminating the need to install an underground pipeline. The customer stated they didn’t need to trench, which eliminated unnecessary heavy equipment traffic and ground disruption. The installation of RampLox was a much quicker process and sped up the whole installation. A total of seven, 30’ ramps were made throughout the plant, allowing large coal haul trucks to continue operating without interruption.


Visible and Easy to Assemble

A pumping project at a refinery required a hose to run across a narrow roadway. Protecting the hose from vehicles while allowing traffic to flow was necessary.  Traditionally, the customer would protect the hose with 2x4s, but wood is not very visible and the hose underneath would often move throughout the day. The wood could also cause cuts to the hose leading to unnecessary environmental concerns.  The customer did not have room to install larger, steel ramps which required a fork lift to move. Recognizing the customers’ need for an easy-to-install, high visibility product, Rain for Rent recommended RampLox.  The customer appreciated the bright yellow product which increased visibility through the narrow roadway and allowed truck traffic to safely pass.  Because the product is so easy to take apart and reassemble at a whim, the product is easy to move anywhere needed on the site. The customer simply stated “They just work!”  


RampLox Provides Jobsite Access, Prevents Downtime

An industrial contractor was performing a boiler cleaning at a power plant.  After setting up the initial job, the customer realized vehicle access was needed behind some tanks.  Hose blocked the entry by running across a roadway where forklifts and trucks needed to drive.  Instead of closing off this area or causing project downtime, the customer relied upon the RampLox product to allow access and keep the job running.  By utilizing RampLox, travel time for forklifts was shortened, saving time. The customer commented on how well they worked on his jobsite to produce three 12-foot ramps. RampLox also improved safety on the site by reducing tripping hazards, eliminating potential for hose pinch points or potential spills or damage.   


About the Product

Designed in-house by Rain for Rent engineers, RampLox has both US & International patents pending, and is proudly manufactured in the USA.  RampLox works in every industry where pipe, hose, or conduit obstructs truck or pedestrian traffic.

Contact Rain for Rent today if you need to maintain access on your jobsite that has hoses, pipe or cables running over road and walkways. RampLox is the safe, cost-effective and reliable solution.

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