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  • Hose Spillguards

Hose Spillguards

Hose Spillguards provide convenient and modular spill and drip protection from hoses in pumping applications.

Modular design allows for zip-together fluid-tight construction. All components are 2 feet wide and 8 inches tall. Hose Guard Spillguards are completely modular, allowing for runs, corners, intersections that work best under your hose and pipe configuration to prevent accidental spills or leaks on your sensitive jobsite.

Available in Straight runs, Corners, Intersections and end caps. Customizeable to the size and position of your hose requiring additional spill protection.

  • Modular spillguards to run under pipeline
  • Puncture resistant track belts
  • Puncture-resistant ground mats
  • SolidGroundTM Traction Mats
  • Create reusable blast water system when you combine the SprayGuard with Rain for Rent pumps, filtration and tanks. Closed-loop filtration systems available.

Modular Hose Spillguard building blocks:

  • End cap: 2’ x 2’
  • 10 foot runner: 2’ x 10’
  • 20 foot runner: 2’ x 20’ 
  • Right Angle: Two 2’ wide and 6’ runs connected 
  • 4-way Intersection: 6’ square with four 2’ outlets