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  • VMX150
Max Flow 2300  GPM
Max Head 157  ft.
Pump Size 6" x 6"
Max Solids 3  in.

The 6” suction x 6” discharge VMX150 vacuum-assist pump is most frequently used in wellpoint dewatering and applications that require greater suction lift and high air evacuation. It provides a maximum 2,300 GPM flow and a maximum 157 feet of head and a suction lift of 27 feet. This continuous running self-priming vacuum-assist pump is usually trailer mounted and can run dry

  • SAE-mounted
  • Flex coupled to various diesel engines
  • 12 volt, electric start with control panel
  • Skid- or trailer-mounted with optional lifting bale
  • 24-hour minimum capacity fuel tank
  • Priming tank fitted with float gear for air/water separation
  • Oil/water coalescer fitted for oil recovery into the lubrication reservoir

  • Spillguard
  •  Suction and Discharge Hoses
  • Fuel Nurse Tank
  • VFD for electric driven models

Maximum Flow: 2,300 GPM
Maximum Head: 157 feet
Pump Size: 6” x 6”
Dry weight: 4,300 lbs.