Industrial Water Treatment

November 20, 2018

Industrial water treatment systems are mechanisms for water clarification and purification for use in industries. The water treatment systems can be simple purification systems or complex treatment facilities. Generally, industrial water treatment systems are an infrastructure built to treat raw water for use in industrial, commercial and home use. A typical water treatment systems will include the following:

Raw water treatment system

Raw water is naturally occurring water in the environment which has not been treated. It could be groundwater, lake water, river water, or stormwater. This water can be put to a number of applications at home, commercial setups or in industries. Industrial raw water treatment systems start at the intake where the water is drawn into the treatment facility, the water then undergoes clarification where suspended solids are eliminated. Clarification also involves straining, coagulation, and sedimentation. Clarification is followed by disinfection, lime softening, ion exchange, membrane filtration and distribution. 

Boiler feeds water treatment

Boiler feed industrial water treatment systems are special water treatment installations aimed at protecting industrial boiler unit components from elements dissolved in water which could adversely affect the performance of the boilers. These elements could be suspended solids, dissolved solids, copper, silica, magnesium, copper, iron, dissolved gases, and organic matter. This treatment option is specifically used to prevent scaling of boilers, corrosion, and fouling. 

Cooling towers

As the case with boiler industrial water treatment, water for use with the cooling towers also has to undergo some treatment to ensure that the cooling tower lasts. Contaminants like dissolved gases, metal ions like magnesium, iron, silica sulfates, organic matter, total dissolved solids, and total suspended solids would corrode the cooling towers if not eliminated from the water. Removal of these elements results in high efficiency of the cooling towers, reduced maintenance costs, and fewer instances of replacing cooling tower parts. 

Wastes water treatment systems

Wastewater treatment plants are also industrial water treatment systems. These facilities are aimed at protecting human health and the environment by ensuring that wastewater is disposed of in a manner that does not pose harm to either human beings, animals, or the environment. It is important that industrial and municipal wastewater are treated before being channeled for disposal on the environment failure to which may lead to harsh penalties imposed by environmental protection authorities. 

Generally, wastewater treatment is of great benefit to industries. Treatment of wastewater from the industries is of benefit to the environment. The need for industrial water treatment cannot be exaggerated. For more information or clarification on industrial water treatment, feel free to contact us. 

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