Trash Pumps for Sale

November 20, 2018

Trash pumps are reliable options for moving small solids from a suction end to a discharge location. The trash pumps can handle a given extent of solids, all fluids, trash, and debris. Usually between 1.5” and 6”. The best trash pumps are often non-clog pumps and self-priming so that they give you an easy time to use and maintain. The pumps should also give you a lot of versatility to clear a wide range of debris material including cast iron, aluminum, and FRP. 

Design of Trash Pumps 

Trash pumps are heavy duty pumps designed to move high-density liquids and heavy solids. They have to be of a robust design and provide high performance under punishing work environments. 

The impellers must be large and strong enough to pass trash such as tree twigs, leaves, rock fragments, and pebbles among other elements not exceeding six inches. Normally, these pumps draw in water mixed with the trash through the inlet hose, agitate them and then releases them at high velocity through the outlet hose. They often don’t have shredders or grinders to cut larger trash into smaller pieces. 

Semi-trash pumps

The difference between trash pumps and semi-trash pumps in the size of the trash they pump. While trash pumps can move debris of between 2” and 6” and are heavy duty pumps, the semis are much smaller, lower duty, and can only handle debris of between 0.5” and 0.63”. They also don’t have shredders or grinders but simply pass the debris through the pump housing and throw them out at high velocity and pressure. 

Trash pump source of power

There are different models of trash pumps which means that there are provisions for different sources of power. Some are powered by gas, others by diesel engines while others run on electric power. 

Trash pump golden tip

When using a trash pump, there is no need to worry about installing a shredder or a grinder at the inlet because they have strainers at the inlet hoses. The strainer ensures that only debris of 6” or smaller pass through the housing. This significantly reduces cases of clogging. Regularly clean the inlet hose strainer/screen to keep it clean. 

Things to consider before buying a trash pump

  • Can the pump be used for commercial purposes? 

  • How efficient is the pump? 

  • What’s the pump’s source of power? 

  • How long can the pump run non-stop? 

  • Does it have a screen at the inlet hose? 

  • Is it the most appropriate type of pump for your needs? 

  • Does it have a warranty?

Trash pump modes

The pumps have different modes for use on different applications. Some pumps have all the modes while others have only a few modes. A conventional trash pump should be able to provide with the following modes of operation: 

  • A power-on mode

  • A massage mode

  • Cycle+ mode 

  • Vacuum mode 

  • Cycle– mode 

Generally, trash pumps are special types of centrifugal pumps crafted for heavy duty pumping of small solids. They can be put to commercial or domestic use. If in need of one, ensure that the dealer is a reliable supplier who has good knowledge of pumps and whose advice can be relied on. They should give a performance warranty and free maintenance. 

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