225,000 Gallons of Fly Ash Water Stored for Pilot Treatment Program


Power plants that generate fly ash water are working towards meeting new regulations that were adopted in 2015 and will begin being enforced within the next few years. In order to set themselves up for successful treatment of millions of gallons of fly ash water in 2017, a Remediation Contractor at a power plant in VA required tanks for long term storage of a large volume of water. They are chartering a pilot program with multiple third party contractors to develop new best practices for fly ash water treatment. A highly competitive job, the tank provider needed to be safe and assist with system evolution.


Rain for Rent supplied the Remediation Contractor with an 11- tank system to store 225,000 gallons of water. This allowed third party contractors to simultaneously test their pilot study hypotheses and explore how to best treat the fly ash water.


  • Working alongside many contractors during the pilot program, Rain for Rent demonstrated the ability to be knowledgeable in system design requirements and flexible in communicating with multiple project managers.
  • Rain for Rent worked without incident and utilized Spillguards under every piece of equipment to contain any spills.
  • Rain for Rent’s water storage solution has been more economical than options provided by others.
  • The project evolved from a 6″ pump rental, to include multiple tanks with spill containment.
  • In late 2017, Rain for Rent will provide five LakeTanks, capable of of holding 1.03 million gallons each, for the next phase of the treatment project.


The contractor’s relationship with Rain for Rent has grown based on the trust and capability shown through the insightful personnel and effective equipment; and they look forward to continuing to work with Rain for Rent.

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