25 MGD Bypass by Sewer Water A-Team Handles Exceeded Flow During Upgrades

A large urban wastewater treatment system in Minnesota was scheduled for a $250 million overhaul. The plant is one in group of seven that serves the metro population of more than 2.8 million.The contractor in charge of the rehabilitation needed a 25 MGD sewer bypass while the upgrades were made. The bypass would be performed during the harsh Minnesota winter.

The contractor researched capable companies and came across Rain for Rent’s website and read some of the company’s success stories. After speaking with peers in the industry, the contractor chose Rain for Rent due to its reputation and resume.

Despite initial estimates from the wastewater treatment plant owner, the 25 MGD bypass system ended up edging above 38 MGD for the initial flow.

Change Orders modified the bypass from the original plan. Pumps were added and system was adapted to handle the contractor’s bypass needs over the two weeks of rehabilitation work.

Thanks to the experience of the Sewer Water A-Team and the installation crew, the bypass was installed and operated safely with jobsite safety analyses performed daily. The contractor continues to use Rain for Rent for a variety liquid handling needs.