$250 Million of Crops Saved with Canal Bypass

Submersible pumps combined with fish screens provide much needed water in time of need.

Permanent and seasonal agricultural crops in Northern California worth an estimated $250 million faced a sudden water shortage. Plans for a permanent pumping station to bypass local canals and protect protected species were designed, and construction was set to begin a year later. A temporary solution was needed to get water to growers before their crops withered.

In order to protect the environment and fish species, while providing vital water for the irrigation district; Rain for Rent together with other contractors designed a unique fish screen and river diversion pumping system.

Ten 30” electric submersible turbine pumps were incorporated with a fish screen system that protected the environment of the river and fish species while pumping the 225,000 GPM of water the irrigation district required to keep agriculture growing.

These 10 pumps were manifolded into five 36” HDPE discharge lines which emptied into the irrigation canal, providing growers with the water they needed.

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