Tank farm with pump, pipe system

280 Million Gal. Fly Ash Pond Water Remediated with Custom Tank Farm


A Contractor working on a power plant’s large remediation project required a temporary raw water system designed, engineered, and set in place to provide a tank farm capable of pumping, storing, and discharging over 280 million gallons of fly ash pond water. Large amounts of treated water would need to be stored at different locations around the site while an additional contractor performed filtration services.

Fly Ash Filtration


Over the course of 42 days, Rain for Rent’s SWAT (Sewer Water A-team) and local Branch joined forces to install a system that could process 280-million gallons of fly ash pond water, 6-million gallons at a time, with a discharge rate of 1,500 GPM.

To begin, an HDPE connection point was built to pump pond water through a secondary contractor’s filtration system wherein metals and chemicals were removed. The treated water was then pumped into one of six LakeTanks™ for sampling.

Inside Rain for Rent’s farm of LakeTanks™, over 5,000’ of 8″ and 10″ HDPE pipe moved sampled water towards re-treatment or removal through a common discharge manifold, custom built from HDPE to avoid using steel which might trigger incorrect metal readings.

Once the power plant, DEQ, and EPA approved the water for discharge it was pumped through 3,000’ of 10″ line all the way around the power plant and then into the river.



  • Multiple change orders arose to meet the changing requirements of the complex, evolving project; Rain for Rent’s proficiency in project management enabled the customer’s needs to be continually met.
  • Rain for Rent designed the 3,000’ discharge line to safely run under a live rail road line, over multiple roads, and under the plant’s main entrance which must remain accessible at all times.
  • Keeping safety as priority number one, Rain for Rent supplied custom signs and valve tags so that the plant’s SOPs could be applied to equipment, conforming to plant requirements; each tank was grounded, and safety cables were added to each panel; custom high point suctions were made for each suction line; and glycol heaters with 3,000’ of hose for each unit were supplied to protect the tank farm pipelines from freezing temps.

riteflo Sentry 1


The customer chose to work with Rain for Rent based on previous partnership and work experience; they expressed their satisfaction with project management capabilities demonstrated by the operations team, sales representative, and each member of the on-site team. The project is ongoing through 2019 and progresses without incident as stringent site safety requirements are met every day.

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