43 CFS Bypass Keeps Detroit Redwings Stadium Construction On Track


A new, $450 million dollar arena is under construction that will house the Detroit Red Wings hockey team. A 42-inch CSO line was being rehabilitated and replaced, requiring a 43 CFS bypass system because of this construction.


Rain for Rent supplied a bypass pumping system including 12 and 16-inch pumps and fused HDPE to provide the necessary flow. A second 27-inch line was rehabilitated, which Rain for Rent also bypassed during the project.


  • The contractor selected Rain for Rent due to the company’s responsiveness, attention to detail and engineered designs.
  • Rain for Rent was able to expedite the install the system to keep the project on track and avoid downtime.
  • The Rain for Rent engineering team and branch worked together with the contractor to present a comprehensive system to Detroit Water and Sewer District.
  • During the project, Rain for Rent also provided two 6-inch pumps in response to a water main break.


The system ran as expected and the contractor plans to use Rain for Rent on upcoming projects.

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