60 MGD Lift Station Bypass Saves Services for 500,000

Tight Jobsite Footprint Calls for High Flow Pumps, System Built On-site in Just 15 Days


A construction company required a temporary bypass for a large lift station improvement project for a municipality in North Carolina. The station needed upgrades including the removal and replacement of its screw pumps, and the replacement of two vertical turbines in order to continue servicing more than half a million people.

Rain for Rent’s Charlotte, NC, team, SWAT (Sewer Water A-Team) and Engineering joined forces to design and install a 60 MGD bypass system comprised of five DV600c pumps. The allocated space for this large job was limited to a 50’x50’ footprint, and only the DV600c by Rain for Rent could provide the flow required, along with associated piping, in such a tight space.


  • SWAT was involved to oversee the surgical nature of the install which occurred in the small footprint around the lift station.
  • Crane assisted with the precise installation of the suction fittings and piping.
  • 45˚ and 90˚ steel elbows and 30” HDPE stingers were customized to meet required specifications.
  • Setup was successfully completed on time despite rain and lightning delays brought on by a heavy storm.

The City is pleased that everything is going well and the pumps are working flawlessly.

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