LNG Plant Water Storage - 1MM Gallons

600+ Acre Site Dewatering, 50M Gal. Water Supply, and More for New LNG Plant


Plaquemines, LA – In 2021, the construction firm Zachry Group and the engineering firm KBR Inc. began a joint venture as KZJV to build the first phase of the Plaquemines LNG export plant.The $4.5 billion project includes the development of a 632-acre site, construction of two gas turbine power plants, a terminal that can annually produce up to 20 million tons, and two 42-inch diameter pipelines (nicknamed the Gator Express) with a combined length of 27-miles, connecting to existing natural gas pipelines.


With construction occurring on saturated, river-front wetland that had been submerged under feet of water during Hurricane Ida (2021), KZJV’s first priority was to secure and prepare the jobsite with a 30-ft storm surge wall and extensive dewatering.

During the initial phase of the project, multiple contractors were working on site development, each tasked with dewatering their specific jobsite. Rain for Rent, Geismar provided dewatering systems to five separate contractors. Due to demonstrated capabilities and deftly engineered, turnkey solutions, Rain for Rent was soon brought on to support the project in additional ways.

Rain for Rent designed, installed, and operated a water supply system that processed over 50 million gal. of water from the Mississippi River (and the Parish water line as needed) for dust control and concrete batch plants. Water requiring filtration (from the river) was pumped through bag, and later, sand filtration units, and stored in a B40 LakeTank® (with a capacity of 5-acre feet/1.7 million gallons). From there, water was then routed through J-stands into water trucks.

As the LNG Plant construction continued into the next phase, Rain for Rent was invited to remain on site as a Service Contractor. In this capacity, Rain for Rent designed, installed, and continues operating dewatering systems set up at the 14 ponds into which all site water drains. The systems, automated with Pump Controllers, have been designed to meet the customer’s specific flow requirements (ranging from 5,000 to 15,000 GPM), and continue to perform as intended.

As this project is an FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) site and adjacent to the Mississippi River, maintaining the shared goal of environmental responsibility remains paramount. Rain for Rent has staff on site each day to ensure every piece of equipment (all of which are protected by spillguards, outfitted with spill kits and fire extinguishers) is inspected and/or serviced to ensure all systems remain leak-free and environmentally safe.




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