Laketank in front of Gillette stadium

600k Gallon Storage System Maintains Town Water Supply

Rain for Rent designed and installed a turnkey potable water storage and pumping system to maintain town's water supply


Foxborough, MA – A municipality’s water tower tank was scheduled to be taken offline for maintenance. As the tank stored the town’s domestic water supply and fire suppression water, a turnkey system was required to maintain a 540,000-gal. supply of potable water along with two pumping systems. To meet Fire Department regulations, one pumping system would need to ensure an on-demand flow of 3,000 GPM at 107 PSI (for a sustained period of three hours); the other system would provide for the daily domestic water supply and stored-water recirculation.


Rain for Rent designed a system that provided a 3,000 GPM supply of clean water from a 600,000-gal. capacity LakeTank®. From the LakeTank’s custom under-drain box, two 6-inch High Head pumps capable of operating with a peak flow of 3,000 GPM remained on standby to provide on-demand fire-suppression water via an 8” HDPE line into a 12-inch mainline. This system included potable hose, multiple check and isolation valves, a telemetric RiteFlo® system for  real-time remote monitoring and operation.

Two 20 HP electric pumps powered by two 50 HP VFDs moved water from the under-drain through the mainline and into the domestic water supply for the town’s daily demand. Utilizing custom automation to control valves in the system ensured that there was a minimum 10% turn over in the LakeTank® every morning to prevent stagnation. The solution included providing instrumentation with multiple logic controls for specific conditions including time, tank height, and pressure.


  • Located in the parking area of Patriot Place, adjacent to Gillette Stadium, the project site had a limited amount of flat, level-ground. To maximize space efficiency and create a graded surface on which the 600,000-gal. LakeTank® could be safely erected, Rain for Rent partnered with the GC to write subcontractor specs for a 110-foot diameter pad of graded, compacted aggregate.
  • Rain for Rent’s in-house Engineering and Instrumentation Departments designed a telemetric RiteFlo® system to meet the customer’s request for an automated system with real-time monitoring capabilities.
  • The RiteFlo® system enabled remote monitoring and management utilizing measurements from the telemetric system which, from multiple check points throughout the system, reported levels, flow rates, pressure, VFD on/off status and Automatic Valve open/closed status.


pump in front of Gillette stadium

laketank and town water tower

Pumping system and tank



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