WWTP aeration basins

78 MGD Bypass Reduces Costs During Major Aeration Basin Repairs


A WWTP with a tight maintenance schedule needed to make repairs to many of their aeration basins. The plant would require a major bypass to relieve the influent channel flows that were upstream from the designated basins. The bypass work would have to be set up, performed, and torn down within 45 days. The original scope of work provided by the plant’s Construction Contractor outlined a two-part plan that would bypass 50% of the channels’ flow at a time.


Rain for Rent’s local branch and engineering teams thoroughly reviewed the scope of work and presented the Contractor with an innovative plan that would bypass 100% of the influent flow at once. After analyzing the new layout, the plant’s Contractor chose to move forward with Rain for Rent’s system design. Rain for Rent designed and installed a 78 MGD sewer bypass system that utilized four 30-inch pumps and six 18-inch pumps along with a manifold HDPE piping system that could distribute the flow from the channels into multiple auxiliary aeration basins.

aeration basin repairs


  • The system was installed, ran as planned, and was dismantled and removed within one month, saving the customer time.
  • By utilizing a system that bypassed 100% of the flow at once, the customer was able to complete the project ahead of schedule and save thousands of dollars.


The Contractor and WWTP were very impressed with the system layout and by how well the pumps kept up with the flows. Having saved thousands of dollars, the Contractor said that they “Really look forward to working with Rain for Rent again on the next maintenance project.”

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