90,000 GPM Floating Bypass Protects Dam from Extreme Snowmelt Flooding


After a winter of unusually-severe weather in California, Lake Agnew, located at an 8,500’ elevation in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, was inundated by unprecedented snowmelt. The power company managing the dam required a 90,000 GPM system that would remove excess water and reduce stress on the aging dam infrastructure.


Within three weeks of surveying the site, Rain for Rent Engineering and Operations teams designed a customized bypass system along with a mobilization plan that included airlifting 12 pumps to the remote location. The pumps, fuel, and all necessary parts were safely delivered by helicopter and assembled on the floating barge weeks ahead of the customer’s expectations, enabling them to get a head-start on relieving pressure from the dam at 200 CFS.


  • Due to the remote location, Rain for Rent Operations personnel were flown in by helicopter each day to provide 24/7 system management and maintenance service.
  • Wireless RiteFlo® gauges provided real-time remote monitoring of the system’s flow and pressure data.
  • The system remains in position, operating as needed for the next year to ensure safety for the dam and downstream communities.
  • Rain for Rent’s 24/7 Pump watch team utilized the RiteFlo® system to manage the project flows and provide valuable at-a-glance information to the dam’s management team, including: a summary of which pumps were on or off, the rate, volume, and pressure at intake and discharge points.

Customer Feedback

The customer is pleased with Rain for Rent’s engineering and operations service, and equipment performance. They value the smooth and safe manner in which the project is progressing and look forward to continuing their partnership with Rain for Rent.

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