Aeration System at Fish Hatchery Provides Essential Oxygen During Construction


A construction project at a fish hatchery in Idaho was putting an intake pipeline at risk of collapsing and starving the fish of oxygen.


Rain for Rent designed a system to provide oxygen to the fish in case the pipeline was damaged. The pumping system allowed the customer to monitor the GPM flowing into each basin and for the fish to receive the necessary amount of oxygen.



  • The Rain for Rent team safely installed pumps and an aeration system to provide 10mg/L of oxygen to the juvenile fish.
  • Flow meters were installed in pipelines to monitor the flux.
  • Fish screens on the suction hoses helped protect the millions of fish in the hatchery.
  • Drain valves were implemented in low spots to keep pipeline from freezing when not running.


The fish hatchery was very pleased with the job. The manager was relieved to know that if anything happened to the intake line that the system would keep the fish alive.

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