Farmers grow our crops and support the nation with food. We support our farmers with irrigation systems, service and equipment to keep them operating. Our versatile irrigation experts know how to deal with challenges like sloped fields and pressure variations, so you can be assured of getting consistent, uniform water distribution your crops need for optimal growth. Rain for Rent offers a full spectrum of the best irrigation systems, equipment, parts, accessories and services to meet the exact watering needs of any situation. We also provide complete engineering and installation of all irrigation systems so everything works just the way it should.

Rain for Rent is the leading provider of irrigation parts, service, and liquid handling solutions. Rain for Rent insists on offering respected, high-quality equipment and parts from brands you trust. From pumps and filtration to pipe, hose, pivots, and other irrigation products, we provide everything you need to keep your operation on track. Growers and producers trust Rain for Rent to deliver efficient irrigation solutions, thoroughly and cost effectively.

Irrigation Systems

Whether your system calls for center pivot, lateral, wheel line, drip/emitter, fixed nozzle or something else, Rain for Rent has you covered. Replacement sprinkler packages are also available.


Rain for Rent offers centrifugal, submersible and turbine pumps for sale and rental, with diesel or electric drive options. Whether you’re irrigating your crops, dewatering your lagoons, or anything requiring a pump we can easily evaluate your system needs and recommend the best pump.


To help keep your irrigation system operating efficiently, Rain for Rent filtration products remove sediment from clogging your water sources to prevent clogging or algae buildup.

Pipe and Fittings

Aluminum pipe is available in mainline, lateral, and vacuum. Our pipe is available in band and latch, dragline, gated, heave end, latch or no-latch, plan end and ringlock. Certa-Set main line and laterals also available.