Automated Stormwater Filtration System Saves Idaho Mine from EPA Fines

Heavy winter snow and rain storms at an Idaho silver mine caused 14 acres of recently cleared land to wash soil into nearby creeks, threatening downstream wildlife. The EPA fined the mine daily until a solution was found.

Because of prior experience working with Rain for Rent pumping and filtration solutions, the mine chose Rain for Rent to develop a solution.

An MSHA compliant 80,000 gallon catch basin and 1,000 GPM filtration system was engineered by Rain for Rent. Electric pumps moved turbid water through sand media and other filtration units and gravity fed tanks. Once turbidity levels were reduced, the water quality monitor automatically discharged the filtered water into the creek.

Due to the remote location of the mine, the entire catch basin and filtration system was designed for automation. Digital reporting units sent real-time filtration system data to the mine and Rain for Rent for monitoring.

The automated filtration system allowed the mine to focus on silver production and saved them from future EPA fines.