Boston’s Muddy River Restoration Requires 100 CFS Bypass

Years-long project will prevent flooding and upgrade water quality.

Boston’s Muddy River restoration project was years in the making to help prevent flooding, improve water quality, enhance aquatic habitat and implement BMPs. The project required dredging and restoration to replace two 72” culverts with two 24-foot by 10-foot culverts. To appropriately dredge the Muddy River, a bypass was necessary.

Rain for Rent provided a combination of one electric and five diesel 18×16-inch pumps; 2,400-feet of 24-inch and 1,200-feet of 18-inch HDPE; telemetry and several other accessories to bypass the river at the established flow of 100 CFS.


  • Rain for Rent worked with the initial three bidders and then the awarded bidder for several years before the project started, recommending automated pump controls and more efficient pumps than the competition.
  • A tight 25-foot wide pump pad for the pumps and discharge lines required an engineered system layout for pump placement. The suction lines were also challenging to place within the small footprint.
  • Automated instrumentation allowed the pumps to start, stop and ramp up or down depending on needed flow.
  • The Rain for Rent SWAT Team (Sewer & Water A-Team) lead the installation of the system to ensure it was executed as planned to the customer’s desired flow specifications.

As a result of Rain for Rent’s performance, organization, professionalism and execution of the installation, the client decided to rent two separate filtration systems for various locations on the jobsite to manage stormwater runoff.

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