Bridge Piling Work Made Easy with Cofferdam & Dewatering

Transportation infrastructure upgrades aided by the latest in cofferdam and dewatering solutions

A $51 million replacement of a major transportation artery construction project in Virginia required a contractor to provide dewatering and river bypass work. The new bridge would be built in the same location. Demolition and reconstruction efforts would require dry ground to construct new pilings to support the expanded bridge.

Portadam and Rain for Rent were contracted to work together to provide a four-phase dewatering project, one for each of the center pilings across the quarter-mile wide river.

A 10-foot high diversion dam system was chosen along with extra bracing to support the weight of the variable flow rates of the large river. Depending on rain, flow rates could vary between 8,000 CFS up to 62,000 CFS when not flooded.

Once in place, portable four-inch and six-inch diesel pumps continuously dewatered the construction area, discharging into a weir tank for solids settling.

“The efforts and expertise of Portadam and Rain for Rent were an important factor in helping us complete this project in spite of challenging environmental conditions,”
said the bridge construction Project Manager.

The dewatering and diversion dam system helped keep the construction project on track, providing construction workers a safe and dry environment to do their work.

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