Cadaver Lab Meets EPA Regulations

Rain for Rent filtration systems helps university comply with EPA regulations at its cadaver lab

A university medical lab needed 30 cadaver tanks emptied and cleaned for next semester’s incoming class of medical students. Previously, all liquid from the lab was drained through the floor. The EPA deemed oil and fat content of the liquid unacceptable without treatment.

A filtration system was designed with a small footprint so the entire procedure could be performed privately inside the lab. The system saved the University at least $50,000 after they used Rain for Rent’s turnkey system.

The filtration system utilized an air operated diaphragm (AOD) pump to empty each 100-gallon tank individually, sending the liquid into a BF-400 filtration system with 25-micron bags.

A second AOD pump then transferred the fluid into an oil water separator (OWS) which was designed to discharge the filtered liquid into the floor drain. The final compartment in the OWS was easily accessible for fluid sample testing by the EPA.

Samples were drawn every 5 minutes to ensure that no oily residue was put into the floor drain. The results of the filtration job produced 5.5 gallons of oil, 6 bags of filtered solids and the thirty 100-gallon tanks were emptied.

The contaminated bag filters were sent to the mortuary for cremation and the oil was disposed of as medical waste.

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