Canal Company Project Irrigates 5,000 acres

Massive gravity flow pipeline installation saves on energy costs

A major canal company wanted to save water by installing a gravity flow pipeline that growers could tap into to irrigate their crops. The existing canal system consisted of a ditch with pumps which resulted in water loss and unwanted energy costs. The project would need to be completed during the winter to avoid impacting the potato growing season, and would need to cover 5,000 acres.

Rain for Rent installed over 100,000 feet of massive PVC pipe, connecting the mainline to more than 70 outlets for each individual farm. The new system allowed the customer to remove all electric pumps and rely on gravity pressure to water their crops.

feet over the length of the pipeline. The new system provided 20+ miles of consistent, pressurized water supply to the growers.Water availability was doubled by eliminating problems with the old canal system including evaporation and leaks.The Rain for Rent team worked through harsh winter conditions, including snow and extreme cold.

The multiple owners of the canal company were happy with the project and plan on doing more work with Rain for Rent in the future. The project will result in great energy and water savings.

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