Certa-Set® PVC Helps Grower Maximize Irrigation Efficiency


The severe drought in California is driving growers to utilize more efficient irrigation methods while maximizing crop yields. A carrot grower in the Central Valley wanted a water saving solution for his 213 acre farm.


Rain for Rent provided Certa-Set® PVC irrigation pipe, which allowed the grower to save water each week due to its leak-proof design. The design included 5,700 feet of 10-inch mainline and more than 230,000-feet of 3-inch lateral Certa-Set pipe. Removal of the pipe is handled by the use of the extraction implement which drags the pipe out of the field one line at a time, while reducing pipe removal labor by 50%.


  • Certa-Set is corrosion resistant, has high impact strength and is leak-proof, saving the grower water.
  • Bacteria and mold growth is eliminated because water does not leak and pool under the plants.
  • Labor to move the pipe during cultivation is reduced from eight to two men with the unique cultivation tool that lifts the pipe and sets it back down in place allowing the cultivation under the pipe.


Pleased with Rain for Rent’s equipment recommendation, the grower is able to save money, save water, maximize labor and protect his crops by using Certa-Set pipe.

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