CertaSet® Pipe Rental Allows Grower to Maximize Acreage


A watermelon and pumpkin grower in central California was looking for a budget friendly alternative to irrigate 450-acres of leased land. The grower had access to a canal for water supply but needed filtration to prevent clogging, and required robust mainline pipe to tie into his existing drip irrigation system.


Rain for Rent met the grower’s needs by providing durable and leak-free Certa-Set® PVC pipe. With the pipe’s capability to withstand heavy loads of farm equipment, the grower was able to maximize his acreage by trenching Certa-Set® below the surface. Rain for Rent provided eleven RB pumps to pull water from the canal and supplied sand media filter units to prevent drip tape from clogging. Finally, by renting equipment, the farmer avoided a large capital investment.


  • 15,000 feet of Certa-Set pipe was used to irrigate the watermelon and pumpkin crops.
  • The Certa-Set pipe has dual-gasket coupling system, which delivers instant pressurization during start-up saving time, money and valuable water resources.
  • The grower was able to trench the pipe just below the surface, allowing him to plant up to the edge of the field and giving farm equipment more room to navigate.


The farmer was able to irrigate his land with a low-cost solution and as a result, was pleased with Rain for Rent. The successful job gave the farmer confidence in Rain for Rent’s equipment and expert service teams, and if the ground proves profitable, the farmer will continue to rely on Rain for Rent for his irrigation needs.

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