City Avoids Water Shutdown with 12 MGD Bypass

Pump system improvements in Arizona made possible by Rain for Rent bypass solution


A large city in Arizona planned to put in a new reclaimed water reservoir pump system, doubling the size of their current operation to keep up with the growing needs of the city. To avoid a shutdown when the new, larger system was brought online, the plant needed a temporary bypass to match the flow and pressure of the city’s current pumping system that is controlled with SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system.

A five pump, 8,400 GPM, 60 PSI bypass provided by Rain for Rent operated within the 10% acceptable range to keep the city’s water flowing.

Prior to bringing the system online, Rain for Rent did extensive testing and coordinated with city engineers to document the SCADA system information, recording flow and engine RPMs. This information allowed pump watch personnel to easily adjust the pumps during the week-long operation. Spill containment prevented any spills on the site and PipeStax® alleviated the need for cribbing or dunnage, creating a clean jobsite.

Impressed with Rain for Rent’s system design and ability to operate within the necessary range, the customer scheduled additional projects with Rain for Rent throughout the remainder of the year. Because the system performed so well, the city avoided a month-long shut down and was able to continue working.

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