Cofferdam and River Bypass Saves Pipeline Contractor $500,000

Ten-foot cofferdam and river bypass crucial to on-time project completion

A pipeline construction project replacing a deteriorating 42 inch pipeline more than 20 feet below the surface of a small river met with trouble as unstable shores prevented directional drilling. Rains also brought constantly changing river levels, jeopardizing the final phase of pipeline construction.

Rain for Rent engineered a gravity-fed flume bypass of the river as an alternate to an all-pump bypassing solution, reducing overall bypass costs for the pipeline construction company.

Partnering with Portadam, a 10-foot temporary cofferdam was installed to give the pipeline construction company the additional bracing it needed to complete the drilling project.

The project manager estimated the implemented system saved them $500,000 in bypass pumping costs.

“We were at a standstill and at risk not being able to complete this pipeline project. Rain for Rent’s solution combined with a joint Portadam and Rain for Rent implementation allowed for an on-time project completion under extremely difficult site conditions.”
The cost savings were also seen in the on-time completion of the project that had previous been placed in jeopardy due to the unforeseen stability issues drilling under the river.

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