Complex Hydro-Flush System Completed Ahead of Schedule


A multi-million dollar chemical plant in Kentucky that was in the final stages of construction required hydro-flushing prior to completing the facility to remove any debris from the lines. However, the project was behind schedule and the contractor needed to expedite designing and hydro-flushing the system to avoid additional delays. Tight space constraints and cold weather required working with a water handling company that could quickly and safely mobilize people and equipment for the job.


Rain for Rent engineered the three phase system which included a combination of tanks, pumps, filters and heaters to hydro-flush the facility, meeting the necessary pressure and flow in freezing weather conditions.


  • Rain for Rent engineered a system that touched 100 different flush points on the 80-foot tall process equipment building after being provided with the schematics for the plant.
  • Equipment was mobilized from around the region and the job was completed in 10 days, four days ahead of schedule.
  • The water was filtered onsite, removing rust and debris so it could be reused.
  • Rain for Rent’s Engineering and SWAT teams were instrumental in designing and operating this complex system.
  • The system required hundreds of connections ranging from 1/2-inch to 14-inch. Every piece of process instrumentation and equipment had to be disconnected and bypassed so the flushing did not harm any of the plant’s equipment.
  • Rain for Rent also wrote an operational plan to control the system during the flush.


The customer chose Rain for Rent because of our expertise in the area and they wanted a turnkey system. They were thoroughly impressed with the system design and made no changes after it was presented. They plan to utilize Rain for Rent again on future projects because of our professionalism, dedication and quick actions to get the job done ahead of schedule.

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