Construction Firm Keeps Sanitary District Neighbors Happy During WWTP Revamp


A Virginia Sanitary District contracted with a construction company to replace various large-diameter sewer lines leading to and from their waste treatment plant. Because the sewer lines were located in high-traffic tourist destinations, the district required all roads be open to through-traffic at all times.


The construction company chose Rain for Rent to provide a full service of HDPE bypass pipeline fusion and pumping needed to complete sewer line replacements. The two companies worked to carefully engineer a tourist-friendly construction and bypass solution with piping strategically placed to meet sanitary district requirements.


  • 12,000 lineal feet of 30-inch and 24-inch HDPE pipeline was used for the bypass.
  • Three DV-400 pumps handled 45 million gallons a day of raw sewage.
  • An emergency bypass response by Rain for Rent allowed construction to continue uninterrupted when one dig site experienced the collapse of an aging sewer line.
  • Eighteen 24-inch gate valves were installed along the main and back-up sewer lines so that the plant could isolate and repair sections without having to slow or shut down service.


After the success of the initial bypass, the construction company immediately contacted Rain for Rent for emergency liquid handling and bypass during additional construction projects, replacing their prior vendor, a pump-focused company.

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