Contaminated Groundwater Separated and Filtered

Filtration system helps fix years of fuel line breaks that had polluted underground water

An environmental company was working on a project to replace several old underground fuel supply lines near the environmentally-sensitive North Carolina coastline.

The lines ran from a tank farm pump station to several areas around the site. Over a period of years, several catastrophic breaks in the fuel lines had left the groundwater contaminated with up to a foot of oil.

The environmental company contacted Rain for Rent, Charlotte for a filtration solution capable of separating and polishing the contaminated groundwater.

Utilizing our Water Data Sheet, Rain for Rent’s filtration specialists designed a system capable of handling the required 400 GPM flow; however, the industrial waste treatment plant could only handle 200 GPM.

To accommodate the needed flow, the system was split into two separate setups, each consisting of one 18,000-gallon weir holding tank and one air diaphragm pump to extract the ground water from the weir into two oil water separators. Each set-up was manifolded to transfer the skimmed oil from the oil water separator into a 600-gallon poly tank, then pumped into a bi-level tank for storage.

The filtration system ran successfully for six weeks and was so efficient that the groundwater was safely discharged into a nearby storm drain.

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