Creek Flows Clean During Wet Dredging Remediation

Pumps, filtration units and tanks were used in a system to provide treatment that exceeded EPA water quality standards

Remediation efforts entered a third phase to clean an Ohio creek of PCBs in early 2013. The PCBs leached from a nearby steel production facility. The producer worked with the EPA to provide clean-up efforts.

Rain for Rent was called to assist with wet dredging of the creek. This style of dredging allows the flow of the creek to continue, lowering the total environmental impact of the remediation project.

Rain for Rent provided pumps, pipe, tanks and filtration to treat and move the dredged materials from the 3,200 feet of contaminated creek bed for treatment. The contaminated water handling system was designed to handle up to 2,000 GPM of ground or storm water that comes in contact with the creek during the remediation process.

Once treated, the filtered water was discharged downstream and the cleaned sediment backfilled into the creek.

Because of Rain for Rent’s expertise, the contractor chose Rain for Rent for all three phases of the creek remediation project. The environmental contractor was able to focus on their core business knowing that Rain for Rent’s treatment of the contaminated water exceeded EPA standards.

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