Creosote Remediation

Filtration and bypass system cleans creek and saves money

Decades after a Mississippi telephone pole factory closed its doors residents and wildlife are once again able to enjoy a pollution-free creek.

Originally closed in the 1940s, the factory left behind a pool of creosote, which spent years leaching into the ground and nearby creek.

In April 2011, Rain for Rent’s multi-phase temporary bypass, polymer injection and media filtration system was chosen by environmental contractors to remediate the creosote contaminated creek and soil beneath it.

Average flows of 7000 GPM of creek water was bypassed, while polluted waters were treated as the contractor removed three feet of soil from a 2400-foot section of the creek bed.

The treatment system allowed the environmental contractor to discharge contaminant-free water into the creek, saving thousands of dollars in potential transportation disposal costs.

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