Dairy Avoids Downtime During Test

A dairy processor remains operational throughout certification test using LakeTank®, saving $20,000 in transportation costs.

A large dairy processing plant in the United States needed a temporary storage solution while completing a state certification test on their permanent pond. The company needed equipment to manage the flow of process water and to remain operational throughout the test.

Rain for Rent installed a LakeTank® to store the process water, allowing the dairy manufacturer to certify their permanent process pond. The customer chose Rain for Rent because of their superior set up, tear down and maintenance plan.

The LakeTank was set up in only two days and provided 675,000 gallons of storage.
A total saving of $20,000 was passed on to the customer through lower transportation costs and by allowing the plant to remain operational during the testing.
Rain for Rent utilized the limited space at the job site, providing enough capacity to hold the water while safely handling the large flow and volume.

The customer was able to pass the state certification of their permanent pond. They were very happy with the project and the ease of implementation made possible by use of the LakeTank.

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