Dewatering of Historic Theater Restores Foundation

Wellpoint dewatering provides ideal conditions for New England theater construction

Renovation of an iconic New England theater required stripping the historic building down to create a new, more solid foundation. Located only 35 feet from the bay, the five-story theater would rest on top of a low water table. Excellent deep dewatering capabilities, soil remediation and good communication were needed to work with the multiple construction companies involved in the theater’s renovation.

Rain for Rent provided a worry-free turn-key solution for the contractors and project owners. More than four months of continuous dewatering to an 18-foot depth across a 275×80-foot area allowed removal of unsuitable foundation soil.

Contractors excavated the possibly contaminated soil and replaced it with more appropriate compacted material to support the new foundation.

As the project progressed to the construction of footings and waterproofing of the foundation, the dewatering system remained in place keeping the large area free of water even as high tides affected nearby water tables at the construction site.

Wellpoint pumps handled peak dewatering flows that reached 400 gpm. These pumps were fed by 100 self-jetting 1.5-inch wellpoints with swing arms and 700-feet of 8-inch wellpoint header pipe. A 20,000 gallon tank which fed the groundwater into a bag filter for discharge.

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