Dewatering Re-Opens Roadways After Flooding


In one night, severe weather in Texas brought more than 5-inches of rain and caused massive flooding along Interstate 35, a heavily trafficked corridor running through central downtown.

The Foreman from the Rain for Rent branch who was checking on an existing bypass system at the lift station, seeing that the interstate was flooded and closed, contacted the DOT lead about providing additional equipment to dewater the roads.


Rain for Rent brought in equipment per the TXDOT request, installed the system, and within five hours the interstate was dewatered and ready to be reopened.


  • The system was designed and the equipment was on site the day it was requested.
  • The Interstate was dewatered quickly, safely, and successfully so that the roadway could be reopened after just five hours of the system running.


The customer was very satisfied with Rain for Rent’s responsiveness and service and said that they will work together again when a need arises.

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