Emergency Spaceflight Response

Emergency response keeps human spaceflight testing facility on schedule

Two hours after an emergency phone call to Rain for Rent, a Texas space facility’s test site was back in full operation.

The facility simulates atmosphere re-entry with high pressure water jets and temperatures, and relays the data to astronauts for development of safe re-entry procedure. When the facility’s pump failed, they needed an immediate solution to continue testing while astronauts orbited more than 200 miles above the earth.

Because of Rain for Rent’s ability to respond immediately with a pump that could provide constant 5,000 GPM at 30 psi, the testing facility kept their plans on schedule and kept the astronauts safe.

The Chief of the facility’s Thermal Design Branch said, “This facility is very important and the work is critical to keep our engineering and development efforts going for human spaceflight. Your crew was fantastic and everything went very smoothly in the procurement, set-up, and follow through. Your efforts are very much appreciated.”

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