Sink hole WWTP

Emergency Sewer Bypass Required for 90″ Line at Wastewater Treatment Plant


A conservation and reclamation district that provides wastewater treatment services to more than 60 cities and millions of residents in Texas discovered that a 90″ sewer line had partially collapsed and taken a good chunk of ground down with it into a large sinkhole. A competent bypass solution was needed, quickly.


The customer had to move fast, and was going to use a quick and cheap vendor who said that they could solve the problem with a few 18″ pumps outfitted with 24″ flanges, delivered in 24 hours. Rain for Rent was also called on and after examining the site requirements, determined that a bypass system of two 30″ DV600 pumps would handle the required 60 MGD flow with a third pump on standby. By comparing pump curves, and taking the flow and available job site space into consideration, Rain for Rent helped the customer make a more informed choice that may not have included the fastest delivery time but would be the best solution for a successful outcome.


  • A failsafe system was required to bypass a peak flow of 60 MGD, within a minimal amount of space.
  • The project was located on a gun range, and the timing for the work had to be coordinated around the range’s hours of operation.
  • All standard operating PPE, JSA, and other safety protocols were followed while working within an emergency response time frame.
  • Rain for Rent’s Sewer Water A-Team (SWAT) joined with the local branch to ensure the job was a success.


The customer was happy with the system set-up and the performance during the project, and said that it was successful from the emergency job walk, to the install and pump watch service, to removal.

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