Engineering Expertise and Safety Focus Keeps Water Treatment Plant Online


As part of a growing Central California region’s water control needs, an expansion and modernization of the regional water treatment plant was planned. The plant would provide more than 33,000 acre-feet of treated water to nearby communities. As construction completed, the municipality needed to test the treatment process without contaminating already treated water supply.


In order to provide all of the test data needed to bring the treatment plant online, Rain for Rent provided a 30 MGD test water bypass of the underground reservoir.


  • Peak flows of more than 20,000 GPM of treated water were bypassed during the 7-day 24-hour test bypass.
  • A unique suction system allowed three DV400c pumps to share a common 36-inch stinger as the only serviceable suction point was a 4’x4’ service hatch.
  • The engineering design and support was exceptional, pumps performed up to the 30 MGD requirement.
  • The underground reservoir was limited to supporting 250 pounds per square foot, so each piece of pumping and piping had to be carefully planned, measured and strategically placed.


The customer said they were happy that each phase of the bypass from concept to installation and execution was done according to schedule without delays. Thanks to the work done with this bypass, the municipality plans to trust Rain for Rent with its future liquid handling needs.

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