Environmental Remediation

Environmental concerns are mitigated with Rain for Rent’s products and services. Our professionals are trained to test and specify the right equipment for the job. We’ll provide Spillguards to protect against accidental spills or overflows, filtration equipment to remove unwanted particulates, tanks to store run off and pumps to move water and ensure your jobsite is meeting discharge requirements. Leave liquid management to us so you can focus on your business.

Our company helps ensure that we lessen the environmental impact of our jobsites. We provide a variety of products that are eco-friendly, in addition to working on a variety of environment-oriented jobs.

Spill Containment

On the jobsite, we offer a variety of spill containment products to reduce environmental impact in the event of a leak or spill. Spillguards provide a safe and easy solution for secondary containment to help prevent costly incidents. Available in sizes from 6’ to 50’ with custom sizes available, the portable, lightweight, polyurethane Spillguards are puncture resistant and come with Rigid-Lock supports.


Our EnviroTank line is certified for use with potable water.

Filtration Equipment

Our filtration equipment allows different industries to clean and reuse water, which eliminates the need for additional water pumping or trucks. Rain for Rent’s full line of rental equipment and HaloSource’s suite of HaloKlear products allows our customers to treat a wide variety of pollutants and contaminants including total suspended solids (TSS), algae, hydrocarbons, heavy metals, oils and organic compounds.



Pumps and filtration units and tanks can be used to create a system that provides treatment that exceeds EPA water quality standards. A bypass system can also be formed to cut costs and clean water. Rain for Rent’s treatment system allows environmental contractors to discharge contaminant-free water into the creek, saving thousands of dollars in potential transportation disposal costs.

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