Farmer Chooses Certa-Set® Pipe For More Efficient Crop Irrigation


A farmer in California’s Central Valley was dealing with soil erosion, and puddling during irrigation with his aluminum pipe. The standing water was causing muddy spots in the field, which made it difficult to get a tractor through the field, especially during harvest. He was also interested in fertilizing his crop during irrigation, called fertigation, which causes an adverse reaction with traditional aluminum pipe.


Rain for Rent sold the grower 325 acres worth of 10-inch mainline Certa-Set® pipe. The customer rented an additional 11,800-feet of 3-inch lateral Certa-Set combined with Nelson® Windfighter sprinklers and check valves to provide a leak-free system with distribution uniformity in the water spray.


  • The leak proof Certa-Set pipe and Windfighter sprinklers gave the grower confidence to irrigate at night, allowing him to save on energy cost by running his electric pumps during off-peak hours.
  • The distribution uniformity from the sprinklers produce higher crop yields.
  • Chemical fertigation can occur without damage to the Certa-Set pipe.
  • The grower saves time and labor costs with the ability to get his tractor through the field more easily at harvest because he isn’t dealing with pipe leaking and mud.
  • Puddling and drainage was reduced by using Nelson’s Drain Check Valves, which provides simultaneous on/off of system when system reaches specified pressure.


Pleased with the system performance, the grower plans to add Certa-Set pipe and Nelson products to his other fields.